NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness - Washington County

About Us

About Us



NAMI Washington County, Inc. is the local affiliate of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).  We work to raise awareness and provide education, advocacy and support programs for people living with a mental illness, their families, friends and the community.

Our affiliate developed over 20 years ago as a grassroots group reaching out to those affected by mental illness.  Our affiliate developed with an active group of peers, (those living with a mental illness) working to bring peer support, recovery and education to our community.  Together, peers and family members developed programming which was recognized statewide as a Recovery Center.  The NAMI Welcome Center offers peer run programs and supports including the NAMI Peer to Peer Program and many other supports and recovery activities.  Our family members run the NAMI Family to Family Education Program as well as monthly family support meetings.  Our affiliate recently added a program for parents of children diagnosed with a mental illness.  Teens are able to participate in a support program featuring art and self -expression.  Our local programs are offered free of charge. 


Support, Education and Advocacy have been the themes of our affiliate.  We are a volunteer organization; our members have a passion to advocate for improved mental health care and supports.  We are here to fight against the stigma that surrounds these illnesses.   If you or a loved one is suffering, know that you are not alone, we are here to help. 


Our affiliate provides outreach activities in the community.  To learn more about NAMI or mental illness contact us.  We also offer NAMI In Our Own Voice Presentations.  These presentations are available to a variety of groups in the community (civic, school, church or business) to hear from individuals who share their personal stories of recovery. 


NAMI Washington County, Inc. is doing great things in our community, bringing hope, help and recovery to those who are affected by mental illness.     

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Mission Statement

1) To provide information, support, and education about mental illness to families, friends and individuals with a mental illness.

2) To advocate on behalf of individuals with a mental illness and their families.

3) To urge cooperation between families and professionals and to see that families are included in the planning and decisions of the mental health system.

4) To eliminate the stigma and discrimination attached to mental illness.

5) To support and promote programs that maximize the potential and independence of persons with a mental illness.

6) To promote funding to improve the quality of life for those individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness

Board of Directors

Suzanne Milkus

Astrid Palmer

Sharon Borchert

Janet Sharbuno

Jon Sacks 

Eric Biernat

Derek Freund


Vice President



Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Executive Director:    Lisa Krenke